My Teaching Philosophy

My goal as an educator is for every student to gain real world knowledge and skills as prerequisites for life preparedness. A great educator is capable of taking on all roles, including: mentor, therapist, and parent. As a future teacher, I will implement the most effective classroom management strategies which are: set clear expectations, build positive relationships, be consistent, and to be organized. Even though I am more of a high control instructor who believes that students should not be involved in the setting of rules and consequences, I aim to maintain a student centered classroom.

Setting clear expectations is a very important step in order to initiate instruction because without expectations, students have no clear goals. Classroom rules and consequences should be directly, concisely stated (not broad or general) so that students have structure for a safe and interactive learning environment. This also gives them a reference so there is no question as to what the consequences are for their actions, and eliminates any accusations of special treatment because everyone follows the same defined rules.

Establishing rules and being honest with students to establish a trusting relationship is also essential. Providing meaningful feedback to students and grading with consistency aids in keeping clear evaluations as a means of communicating to students and parents. Success in any grade level should go beyond standardized testing. Adapting concrete, interactive lessons in the instruction, such as practical knowledge of life skills, can structure a defined objective.

Through making contacts with fellow teachers and learning through experiences, I think the best advice I have received for my future classroom is to spend time knowing my strengths and weaknesses. Further advice includes being organized, thinking through lessons in advance, and practicing procedures.  Learning is a two way street, so as students search for knowledge so should instructors. Sometimes real life classroom application does not work as expected, so over-plan and emphasize objectives to ensure that expectations are met.